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Files in /tmp

	From: 	  russcox@gmail.com
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] mkstemp()
	Date: 	2005年1月29日 18:11:31:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  russcox@gmail.com, 9fans@cse.psu.edu

>I hope temporal filename is made clear so that I can safely remove
>files that are no longer required .
>In my /tmp, there are many temporal files that is created by acme
>and others.
>I hesitate whether I can safely remove these annoying files.

If you log in and don't start any programs, then it's safe
to remove everything in /tmp (unless you have precious data
stored there!).

To find out what is being used in /tmp, grep /tmp /proc/*/fd.