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	From: 	  rrplan9@tombob.com
	Subject: 	[9fans] acme news reader with threading
	Date: 	2005年3月17日 2:56:15:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu


I've tinkered with the News program for acme and have added
rudimentary threading of messages and simplistic keeping track of what
you've read to it.  Since I didn't spend much time on this, I didn't
find easy ways to make the More functionality and the automatic
display of newly arrived messages work with the simplistic threading.
So, I removed them.

You can find a copy at http://www.tombob.com/plan9/news.tgz

To use it, make a directory $home/lib/newsrc . Files with the name of
the newsgroup you are reading will get created here.  Their only
content is the number of the message that was most recent at the time
of starting the news reader.  They get updated when you Del the
reader.  The initial display now shows one line per thread, where a
thread is based purely on the subject line of messages.  There are
Expand and Collapse actions in the tag, which do the obvious thing.

Left clicking on a message number opens that message, as in the
original.  But there are now new actions in the tag: Next and Prev.
They allow navigating within one thread, reusing the frame of the
message already displayed.

Two rc scripts help a little with organizing newsgroups.  A script
newgroups (in which you'll need to edit the location of your newsfeed)
will fetch the list of new groups added since the last time it was
invoked.  It keeps a timestamp in $home/lib/newsrc/newgroupstime .

You can create a file called groups in $home/lib/newsrc and list the
groups you want to read.  The script newnews reads this file and
prints how many new messages are available for each of the newsgroups
you are interested in.